Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bees Knees

Lately I have been obsessed with collecting bee stuff. I was going to type paraphanalia...but I can't spell it. :P I think it started when I saw this medallion. I really want a bee necklace. This is one you earn in our young women's program.

I don't know if leaders are allowed to earn this medallion, but I really don't want to have to be a young women's leader to earn it. lol I like the youth, but that is a BIG calling! So I have been shopping around for bee jewelry. I haven't looked online yet, but I've kept my eyes pealed at stores. And now I want to have bee collections in my house.

I love that Brigham Young adopted the Beehive as a decorating theme for his houses. I want to have some beehives and bees in my decorating. It helps me to remember industry. And I think they are cute. :P But dont' get me wrong. I don't want "cutesy" bees. I want ones like this one that look more real. I guess this will be my shopping goal for awhile. I'm going to spend a little time on the internet and see what I can find.


Nene said...

I have a cloth doll that I found online shopping that is a "beekeeper" She has a beekeeper's hat and she has a little beehive with bees that she holds in her lap. I bought it because you know one of our great-grandfather's was a beekeeper. I figured if he was a beekeeper, I'm sure his wife helped him. I was at a garage sale the other day and saw some brass beehive candlestick holders. If you want them, I'll check our Goodwill that's close by and see if they still have them. My mother-in-law has a honey dish that is a beehive that was her grandmothers. I think it's really cool. I like the bee necklace that the YW can earn too. I'm sure if you're a leader that you can also earn it. But I'm also sure that it's like the YW medallion - if you're not a leader you can't earn it. One of the requirements is you have to be serving in YW to get it. :0+ Why can't RS come up with some cool jewelry to earn? :0)

Delirious said...

Oh my gosh, I've been looking online and it's too much for me! I want all of them!!! And my favorite are the most expensive. The one I really want costs. $1800! lol

Othersideblue said...

hope u can find what u looking for soon ;)

Amber said...

I really like that bee necklace, I didn't know they had that for YW now, man I am really out of the loop!