Sunday, August 22, 2010


The other day I was driving down Sunset street in my city. Sunset is the street that you avoid after dark. They have more murders and police calls on Sunset than probably any other street in our city. I don't mind driving there during the day, because it's a large street and traffic moves pretty fast. But there are some really shady people there.

While I was driving down that street, I saw a group of neighborhood residents out walking on the street. Something about them was really frightening. I think it was their body language. There was this really big black guy on the side near the street. He had a kind of "tough guy" swagger as he walked. He was sagging his pants, and I could see about 8" of boxer shorts peeking out. He was wearing a "wife beater" (those sleeveless white t-shirts), and had his hair in long braids. He was a LARGE person, probably at least 6 feet tall, and I would guess at least 250 pounds. As I neared him, he turned and spat in to the street. I was sure hoping he didn't feel the urge to spit again as I neared him. Luckily, that one spit seemed to take care of the problem, so I passed by without problem. But there was something so ominous about him, and the rest of his group, that I couldn't help looking in my rear view mirror after I passed. And that's when I saw that this big burly man, .......was a woman. I think that was perhaps the scariest thing of all. ;)


Nene said...


PS. Quit driving down that street!

Mr. Giggles said...

I love that town...where the men are men....and the women are, too!