Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been following Stephanie Nielson's two blogs for some time now. She has received so many nasty comments over the years that it is unbelievable. You would think that people who see this woman, who has been through a horrific accident, and understand if she is out of sorts one day when she writes on her blog. But no, they criticize every word that she writes unless it is all rainbows and flowers. Because of this, she has disabled comments on her blogs. For awhile she kept the comments on her photo-a-day blog, but has finally disabled those too. I have to admit that I really miss the interactive nature of the blog when I read hers.

I used to follow this quite famous blog of a man living in China. My husband, independent of me, and not knowing that I was reading it, also was following it. One day I talked to him about it, and only then did he realize we were both reading it. I started typing a comment on his blog and my husband was shocked! I guess he felt that you had to be someone important to comment on the blog of someone important. Not being a blogger, he didn't really get the whole idea. ;) But I'm not shy, so I will comment on any blog that allows comments. If the author doesn't like my comment, they can always delete it. :P But I really do miss the commenting privileges on Stephanie's blog.


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I read her blog, too,(NieNie Dialogues) and am amazed at some of the rude things people have said to her. Did you notice she has her address where you can write to her, though?

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Gilbert Girl has been following her blog too.