Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Song Running Through My Head

Dee Ice talked about the song running through his head. For some reason, one line of the following song has been running through my head all week. Pretty crazy...and I"m not sure why I keep thinking of it. lol I'll bold the line that I keep thinking of .


When the light shines bright o'er the town at night,
And it's laughter, wine, and song,
Life is one delight if you stand in right
But it's fierce when you stand in wrong.

Though your soul may cry for the life on high,
And your coin you would gladly blow,
'Tis a bitter cup to be all dressed up
When you've no place at all to go.

When you're all dressed up and no place to go,
Life seems weary, dreary, and slow.
My heart has ached and bled for the tears I've shed,
When I've no place to go unless I went back to bed.

I've had a sad, sad life and whenever I go
To that peaceful spot where the violets grow,
Upon a nice white stone will be written below:
"He was all dressed up and no place to go."


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

One more strange coincidence. I have two young friends who have just moved to London and are looking for an apartment. The husband chatted with me about it yesterday and explained the problems that they are having finding the exact place that they are determined to have. Since then, the song from My Fair Lady, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-2CnRuk6Nk has been running through my head.

Amber said...

and sometimes it's just enough to get dressed up ;>