Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seminary Christmas Scripture Mastery Game

For our seminary Christmas "Fun Friday", we played the same game we played last year. Last year I had them bring ornaments to exchange. This year I decided to buy them myself and give as a gift to them. I lined them up on the table, and then gave a scripture mastery clue. The first person to find the scripture could choose which ornament they wanted. The same person wasn't allowed to get the scripture twice in a row. If someone who already had an ornament was the first one to find the scripture, then they could choose someone else to choose an ornament. This worked well for those students who aren't as good at scripture mastery. I was going to have a round where they could "steal" from each other, but they all seemed happy with the ornament they got, and some of them reminded me that we don't believe in stealing. ;)

Then I took them in to the next room where I had set up some nativities in a display with lights. I had the video "The Nativity" there to show them. I encouraged them to remember that it is the Lord's birthday, and to think of some kind of birthday present they could give to Him. (like changing a bad behavior). I think the nativities display was lost on most of them, but my mentally challenged student appreciated it, so that made it worth the effort. :)

We ended the class with them making bagels in the toaster I brought. I think it was a nice way to begin our Christmas break. What Christmas games have you played in your seminary class?


Inklings said...

That sounds like a great Seminary Christmas lesson!

Nene said...

My last year of Seminary I told my kids that because I loved Christmas so much I was going to bring them something every week to boost their "Christmas Spirit". One week I brought them each a couple of funny Christmas cartoons (One was Rudoph sitting in an armchair with a shotgun and all the other reindeers heads were on the wall behind him and it said, "They USED to laugh and call him names" - I know, not very nice, but still funny) Another week I brought them "25 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate (or parents or siblings) at Christmas". Can't remember the others.