Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Here We Come a Caroling ♪♫

Our choir director hosts an annual caroling night. It's especially nice to go caroling with a good musician. Not only does he bring a pitch pipe, but he directs us well. He, on the other hand, especially enjoys having his church choir as caroling companions because we sing in 4 part harmony. It makes for pretty awesome carolers, even if I do say so myself. :)

I have learned that when we carol, I can't look at the people we sing to, or I get choked up. Some people are so moved by our singing, that it brings them to tears. We sang to one man who, after we finished said, "My daughter just had her first baby three days ago, and now you come and sing to me. This is wonderful!". He was wiping tears off his cheeks. Another man wasn't quite sure what to think. I don't think he had ever actually seen carolers before. He came out on the porch and said, "What's this all about?". But he thanked us profusely when we were done. Another group of neighbors came out of their houses and stood around us on the sidewalk while we sang to them there. Some people offered us money, but of course we refused. (Dang, what were we thinking? ;) jk)

We basically just went up the street from his house to about ten houses. That's all our voices could do. The street our conductor lives on makes a bend in the road and becomes my street. I selfishly hoped we would make it all the way around so that we could carol to my neighbors. But we just couldn't sing that long in the cold night air.

This was technically a church activity, so we took some free DVDs to hand out as we went. We took "The Nativity". If you are interested, here is the same video as shown on youtube.

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Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Isn't the Christmas season wonderful that we can do so many nice things and people are so appreciative. Don't you sometimes wish we could do the same thing in June?