Monday, December 28, 2009

Mission Blog

I want to start a mission blog for my son. But I need help coming up with a name for it. He said to just use his last name, but I really don't like to do that because I would like it to show in my list of blogs, and I'm a little nervous about having too much personal information. I don't mind using his first name Joseph somehow, but I prefer not to use his last name in the blog title. Do you have any suggestions?
Here are a few things to keep in mind for those who may not know:
--Male missionaries go by the Priesthood title "Elder" while serving. So, for example, if Santa were a missionary, he would be "Elder Claus" :)
--He will be gone for 2 years
--I will post his letters home if possible, as well as pictures.
--He will be serving in the El Salvador, San Salvador East mission, spanish speaking.

I thought about "Joseph's Journeys", but wondered if I should use his first name while he is a missionary. Anyway, I would appreciate your ideas!
(By the way, he hates the picture above because my husband pushed him to part his hair for it. lol It is the one he used on his mission application form.)


Bunc said...

One Elders Scrolls. ?

Nene said...
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Delirious said...

I was just going to delete your comment Nene when I saw that you had already done it. :)
No last names please! lol

I do like some of your suggestions though. I got the email with your comment, so I can still see them all. :)

Nene said...

Joseph's Journeys
Elder Joe's Jogs
My Missionary Son
Elder Joseph's Ministry
Proselyting with Elder Joe
San Salvadore Shepherd
Ministering in San Salvadore
San Salvadore Messenger


Mr. Giggles said...

Elder Destructo
El Salivador (Yes I spelled it the way I wanted)
Lost in Translation ???
Have Scriptures, Will Travel
!Vamanos, Hermanos! (translate)
Salvador del Fuego (translate)
Los Dos Anos Mejores!(translate)
El de Yes (say it out loud)

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

He looks so content that I believe that Joyous Joseph will be appropriate.

Amber said...

El-der Joseph
El Joseph
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Suitcoat
Jehovah Increases (the meaning of Joseph)
Elder in El Salvadore
Joseph, He Puts the El in Elder
Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder here I am in El Salvadora
Saving Souls, Not Soles

ugh, I have such lame ideas today! LOL - you should ask Teresa I bet she'd have some great ideas!

Nene said...

I love the Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder here I am in El Salvadora!