Sunday, December 27, 2009

23rd Wedding Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. One day in church after we had both given talks, the Stake Patriarch came up to us and said, "You two were made for each other!" I think he would be the one to know. :) He is right, we are very compatible.

On Christmas day we were playing a new game our family got. It is called "Life's a Pitch". It is a really fun game, something like Apples to Apples. All of the players are given object cards, such as "hoola hoop", "a GPS navigator", "Sinus spray". The roller picks a situation card that says something like, "What you would find in the President's nightstand." Each player then has to "pitch" his object, and try to be the one picked with the best object. The only problem with my husband and I playing this game is that we are so much alike, that we pick each other's answers all the time! I guess that's what 23 years living together does to you. We have started in to that phase where you have a conversation like this:
me: "Did you get"
Him: "Yes, but I forgot...."
Me: "Yes, I know, I did that, but tomorrow we need to..."
Him: "Oh yes, I remember'

I'm thankful to have such a wonderful husband. I really wasn't the best pumpkin in the patch, but he picked me anyway. It's been a great 23 years! We went out to dinner to celebrate last week and believe it or not, I ate lobster for the first time. Not bad, but I think I'm a crab and clams kind of girl. :)

My face looks a little strange in this picture. It's a photo of a scanned picture, and I think something happened to me in the process. lol But you get the idea: We are both much skinnier and have much less gray than now. :)


Amber said...

awww, Congratulations!!! How wonderful to be celebrating a 23rd wedding anniversary! I'm with you I like crab better than Lobster, lobster is too rich. :)

Native Minnow said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Stick said...


(and I like crab better too)

my verification word is "owies"
isn't that what you get when you get hurt as a kid?

Lindsay-Weaver said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I still remember your wedding day. :)

Nene said...

I'm a shrimp or crab person. Happy Anniversary!
I think your smile got stretched!

Inklings said...

I'm very glad you found each other! Here's to another 23 happy years, and another 23 after that.