Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Twist

I'm very slow in posting this, but I was having trouble finding the pictures I wanted to post. Twist celebrated another birthday in November, and I wanted to write a couple of memories of him.
This first picture below is of him and me dressed up for a Halloween party. I'm a pirate, and he's a spaceman. (or alien, I'm not sure which :) For as long as I can remember, Twist has had a fascination with UFO's, space, space travel, aliens, etc. I remember once our family went to "White Sands". Twist brought along some toy aliens, and made some kind of UFO, and took a picture of them at the white sands, to make it look like they were on the moon or something. (You can clarify this Twist) :)There were many times he went out at night to look for UFO's. I think he could die a happy man if he were actually privileged to see one.

Twist served a mission in the Villahermosa Mexico mission. While there, he ate some fruit directly off a tree, and got a tapeworm. (at least I think that's how he got it.) He is about 6 foot tall, but lost weight until he was something like 125 pounds. He sent home a picture of himself, and we all were shocked at how skinny he had gotten. I remember we sent him a "care package" of goodies to try to fatten him up. He went to the drug store and was able to buy over the counter the medicine that he needed. He said that whenever he would eat something spicy, he could feel the tapeworm moving in him. (probably doing the salsa ;) This is a picture of him that I think he used on his mission.
Happy belated birthday Twist! I hope it was a great day for you!


Nene said...

Dad and I picked him up from the airport when he got off of his mission and I couldn't believe how skinny he was. I said something to him about it and he said, "I know, and I"m even wearing 3 pair of pants". He didn't have room in his suitcase so had wore 3 pair of pants. We went to a resturaunt to eat and I can remember him taking 2 of the pair off in the car. I can't remember if they drove on home the next day or if they both flew back out.

Inklings said...

The doctors couldn't find anything to help him when he had that tapeworm, but Grandma made him wormwood tea, and that did the trick, I think.
I had to laugh at the tapeworm doing the salsa, by the way. :0)