Friday, November 20, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

Inklings posted about her "hiding place", and it made me think of my youth as well. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to have wind blow on me. In Chinese medicine, that shows a weakness in the gall bladder, (it could also be a strong dislike for wind) and in fact I had my gall bladder out, so there may be something to their theories. Even as an adult, I love to sleep with a fan blowing on me.
When I was a kid, I used to love to go out to the side of the house where the air conditioning unit was blowing hot air from the house. I used to sit out there as long as I could stand it. We lived in Texas, and it was hot most of the time, but I still loved that hot blowing air. Sometimes I would take a blanket out there and make a sort of a tent around the air conditioner unit. I would use rocks or bricks to hold the blanket on top of the unit, and I would lay on the bottom of the blanket to keep it from blowing up. I would sit in that hot air tent as long as I could stand it. I remember a couple of times I fell asleep, and woke up with near heat exhaustion. I think Twist used to do this too, that may have been where I learned it.
One time when I was a young teenager, I decided I liked blowing air so much that I turned on my hair dryer and blew it on me. Then it felt so good that I put it IN my bed! I fell asleep, but woke up because it was so hot it was starting to burn me! When I looked under my covers, the entire hair dryer was glowing red! I think that if I were a cat, that would have been one of my nine lives used up.
I don't like hot air so much as an adult, but I still love blowing wind. Where my parents live the wind blows most of the time. Many people dislike it, but I LOVE it!


Amber said...

that's scary about the hair dryer, it was a miracle it didn't start a fire!

teresa said...

that's why you get along with dad so well... its the "wind" factor. he produces a lot of wind.