Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on Elizabeth Smart

One of the things that affects me most in the news is child abduction. I was very upset over the abduction of Elizabeth Smart, and so relieved when she was returned to her family. I bought her parents' book about their side of the abduction experience. I have tried to follow her story because I felt so bad for her. Now she has decided to serve an LDS mission, and has been called to the Paris, France mission. Here is a great news clip from KSL wherein she talks about her mission.

Click here to view the video.


Fromagette said...

I just had to laugh when I saw the tabloids saying that she was a "druggie". Honestly. She was going to BYU and I'd hope she wouldn't get away with that there. And you can bet that she wouldn't be serving a mission if she was. And Paris? Wow. Lucky girl. (Though I'll always think the south of France is more perfect.)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I was furious when I saw the tabloid that said she was a "druggie". How annoying that the poor girl has to go through so much trauma, but to have to deal with being a celebrity of sorts, and all the trash talk that goes along with it? Ridiculous. Celebrities know it comes with the territory, but a kidnapping victim?