Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sailng, Sailing ♪♫

My daughter found a longboard at the thrift store and bought it to fix up. She never did fix it, but when we were visiting her, she gave it to my 11 year old to bring home. The boys have it fixed I think and have been riding it some.

Today the wind in the Bay area is INCREDIBLE! I took the dog down by the marina to walk, and the wind coming off the water was so strong and freezing! I'm sure some tree limbs are going to break today.

My son decided he is going to try to come up with some sort of sail and see if he can "wind sail" with the long board. I bet if he just opened up his jacket and held out his arms it would sail. When I was a kid in Texas, we used to do that on our bikes, and the wind would blow us down the street. Conversely, when I was coming home from school, the wind sometimes blew so hard I couldn't even ride my bike, and had great difficulty walking it home.

The wind here is pretty strong today. Don't be surprised if you live in Utah and see my son blowing past your house!


Nene said...

Just wonder if that is the same wind that about blew us to pieces this last weekend at the races in Wales?

Inklings said...

If it does, he will be blown into a snowstorm. :0+

Amber said...

LOL your kids are so inventive!!