Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mouth Watering

I was looking at the picture of an elk on Looney's blog and it reminded me of an experience I had in China. My family and I went to the zoo in Shanghai. Later I was telling my chinese friends about it. On a whim, I asked them what they think about seeing the animals in the zoo. They said that sometimes it makes their mouth water. Especially if it is an animal like a duck, or something like that. lol Maybe I just need to eat lunch, but I was thinking of elk meat when I saw the picture.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Whenever I praise the freedom of America, it also applies to the animals too.

Amber said...

how funny!! I wouldn't even think of that!

Inklings said...

I have eaten a lot of elk, but it is never going to make my mouth water when I see one. :0)

My word verification is quaying - does your mouth water when you see quail? :0)

Max Coutinho said...


This is why different cultures are so great: zoo animals making one's mouth watering? LOL LOL this is funny...awesome!

Have a great week, darling!


Looney said...

I wanna buy some elk meat: