Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a Small World Afterall

I was checking my email tonight and noticed that a friend of ours who lives in Beijing was online, so I sent him a message. He was my husband's employee when we lived in China. He was single then, but since married and has a 12 year old daughter. He and his wife and daughter lived in New York for a year on a work assignment. He also came to Utah and visited with my family one summer. He is a very good man. He has become a Christian, although I don't know if he attends church in China.

While I was chatting with him, I noticed there was a bit of a lag. But as I thought about it, it boggled my mind to think that he is half way around the world from me, but we can talk in real time. I know that telephones do the same thing, but it still amazes me! I'm really not that old, but technology still does amaze me. It makes this world seem a little smaller than it really is!


Christina Bess said...

I agree, I have always been amazed at how you can buy something with just a click of a button or send someone an email and they can read it within a minute or two!

Amber said...

it amazes me too, I remember when I was fifteen and we just barely had internet, and it was dial up and sometimes it would take forever to get online because it would be too busy - In the movie The Proposal she goes to check her email at an "internet cafe" in Alaska and it's dial up and she goes "What's that sound?!" - it makes me laugh - we've come a long way baby!

Dee Ice Hole said...

I remember crank telephones and two digit numbers - so maybe we have come a long way baby but when we had the crank phone we had an operator just down the street that knew everyone and made sure all of us kids had help if/when we needed it.