Friday, October 16, 2009

Feels Like Home

My husband is in China on business this week. He called this morning from Beijing. He said that he really felt at home there. I guess that is what comes after living there for two years. This is a good time of year for him to visit because the weather is still nice.

He said they will go to the Great Wall tomorrow, although he didn't think he would be doing any climbing. The Great Wall is really steep. When we went there years ago, our second son (who was three at the time) ran ahead of us up the wall. There is no way I could ever catch him! I couldn't even climb that steep of a wall, much less run up it! Luckily, my husband's coworker who was young and fit ran after him and was able to corral him.

I think this trip is good for my husband. It helps relieve the "china itch" a little. I hope that it is fruitful for his business as well.


Inklings said...

Or it will increase his desire to move back....

Amber said...

if he takes any pictures you'll have to post them, I wonder what China looks like in autumn