Friday, October 16, 2009

All I Need to Know About Breakfast I Learned From Bill Cosby

I have family members who don't like to eat in the morning. I am just the opposite; I can't function until I've had some breakfast. But I do understand that their stomachs aren't quite ready for food. I used to have quite old fashioned ideas about breakfast, and thought some foods should be taboo. But with a family that doesn't like to eat in the first place, I learned to relax my standards and let them eat whatever they wanted. Although chili wouldn't be my first choice early in the morning, if that was what they wanted, I didn't mind heating some up.

This past week my youngest son hasn't been feeling well. It's been difficult to get him to eat breakfast. This morning I took pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for seminary treat. I let my son eat cookies for breakfast. But I kept thinking of this video of Bill Cosby, and I thought to myself, "Pancakes have flour, eggs, and milk in them. pumpkin cookies have flour, eggs, and pumpkin. They also have sugary chocolate chips, but pancakes have syrup on top, and syrup has even more sugar in it." I actually began to feel really good about all of that pumpkin he was eating. lol
Now sit back and enjoy a classic. :)

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