Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Slow Destruction of Religion

I think this last presidential election has finally convinced certain political groups that religion has too much influence on the public. There is now an all out attack on religion. The goal isn't to reform it, but to eliminate it. I came across an article from the Wall Street Journal that was linked from another blog. What upset me most about this article is that it pretends to debate religion Vs. the theory of evolution. But in reality, the woman representing religion does a horrible job of making the case for religion, despite the fact that she is a leading theologian. But that makes their goal of discrediting religion even easier, doesn't it? These are perilous times. Those of us who are fully entrenched, and who have a testimony of God will not be moved. But there are many who are not as strong who are going to become casualties in this war.

Click here to read the article "Man Vs.God" for yourself.

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Looney said...

Karen Armstrong was probably the worst candidate to debate Dawkins. They both are equally contemptuous of Christianity, at least as far as Christianity believes in anything that is both spiritual and real. The difference is that Karen believes that Christianity can be redeemed if everyone follows the lead of modernist atheist theologians, while Dawkins doesn't think Christianity can be redeemed.