Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Antioch is on the Map Again!

This morning as I was driving my high schooler to school, we noticed a helicopter circling the school. It appeared to land in the football field. I dropped him off in a different location than usual because we were running behind schedule. When I went to leave the parking lot, the traffic was so bad, that I decided to go a different way. I passed the street where I normally go to drop him off. It was blocked by three police cars. I could see a fire engine, and police cars, and what looked like a body on the ground.

I came home and got the dog, and went to my neighbor's house, only to find out from her that it had been a drive by shooting! Just the other day my son was telling me that the gangs, particularly the Latino gangs, are really bad here. I did see two guys attempting fight two days ago, and honked my horn to try to scare them in to not fighting. My son got upset at me for honking. He said they were Norte and Sudeno gangs, and that if they saw him, they would get revenge on him for getting involved. I didn't have a cell phone, and I figured that by the time I could get help, the fight would be over. If I had been in a better location, I would have gone for help, but because of the lane of traffic, I couldn't. Who knows but what this driveby today is connected to that fight two days ago?

Antioch is getting a lot of notoriety lately, but not the kind we want. The thing that makes me upset is that last year I wrote a letter to the editor warning that this school needed to get better security. I guess they get the picture now.


teresa said...

i change my mind, actually i just want a bullet proof vest.

Nene said...

Scary! Did you want to go back and get him out of school?

Inklings said...

YIKES! Move here. :0)