Monday, September 14, 2009

Roses Are Red.....

So today my 11 year old was once again drooling over the weapons page online. He was asking once again if he could buy that multi-purpose battle axe, the ever useful cane sword, or the indispensible shield. At one point he laughed and said, "Guess what states they won't send this shuriken to." Then he started listing off a long list of abbreviations: CA, MA, MI, OR, et... At one point he said, "Hey, this one can ship to Utah, I could send it to my sister!" I teased him and told him he could include a gift card. Here are some samples of the kinds of cards we came up with, along with some more I thought of.

Roses are red,
pinks, violets, and blacks,
I'm sending you,
this nice battle axe.

Roses are red,
Even in the rain.
You'll get much use
From this handy sword cane.

Roses are red,
Their fragrance they yield.
You'll always be safe
using this shield.

Roses are red,
in every place.
I hope you enjoy
This nice can of mace.

I have to go wipe my eyes now...that was so touching...


Inklings said...

Too funny, but I think he wants her to return the gifts and card to him. :0) By the way, is this a family gene? Because I bet our brothers would drool over those, too. (You might be a male in this family if...)

Amber said...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
This battle axe
is for me, not you

;> LOL

Delirious said...

LOL that is perfect Amber! :D

teresa said...

tell him to send it to me! what's the website?