Friday, August 07, 2009

What a Disappointment

I saw an ad on facebook for Fernando Varela. It said that Pavarotti's Maestro said that Varela is better than Pavarotti. I was quite interested, because I am a true Pavarotti fan, and think he is one of the all time best opera singers. Let me just say that Varela can't even come close! I know high school kids who can sing better than this! I guess this is more proof that you can't believe everything you read.


Nene said...

This guy doesn't even come close to Pavarotti! I can't believe anyone is even trying to compare.

Inklings said...

As I watched this video I suddenly thought that our youngest brother missed his calling in life. Seriously, can't you see him singing opera?

Max Coutinho said...


No, no, no way! No way Pavarotti's Maestro said this singer is better than Pavarotti! He doesn't even come close, please.

And this song is so beautiful, but I didn't enjoy Varela's version.