Friday, August 07, 2009

Silly Rabbit

As I was driving away from Walmart tonight I saw a rabbit in the grass by the side of the road. It was obviously someone's pet that got away. It was a large black and white bunny. I brought my son back to try to catch it, but the two of us just couldn't move fast enough. I called my neighbor and she and her son came to help. But even with four of us we couldn't catch it. We tried throwing my neighbor's sweatshirt over it, but he moved too fast. I was kind of worried that he would become coyote food, but there are alot of thorny bushes out there, so there are plenty of places for him to hide.

I told my neighbor that I will be able to sleep without a guilty conscience tonight. I mean, we gave it more of an effort than probably anyone else in this city would, and we couldn't catch it. We did the best we could. I really didn't want to keep it, I just wanted to either find it's owner, or take it to the pound where it would be adopted out. One good thing came out of this adventure: we got some good exercise. :)

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Oswegan said...

That's funny. I can picture it in my mind.