Saturday, August 22, 2009

Traveler's Pasttime

The daughter of a friend of mine has some things posted for sale on Etsy I particularly liked this headband she made. While we were traveling, I decided to stop and buy some yarn and a crochet hook to see if I could make one. I have to confess that the only other thing I've ever crocheted in my life was a leper bandage for the church humanitarian projects. I've always wondered if some poor leper out there is embarassed to wear the srew-whompish bandage I made. Fromagette is very talented at kneedle crafts; I should probably ask her for advice. Actually, the first part of it was kind of screwy, but by the end of it I had learned how to crochet straight. This time, however, I bought a sort of curly yarn, and it was hard for me to see the stitches. These headbands turned out really weird. And as time went on, I decided to make them in to scarves instead of headbands. I might eventually make a headband, but I think I will get easier yarn. Here is what I envision these scarves to eventually look like, despite the uneven edges. This isn't the color I used, I just arbitrarily picked some colors when I drew this picture. The yarn I used is multi-colored. Maybe with time I will be able to learn how to actually make these straight! I was able to put in a buttonhole (and was very proud of myself for figuring out how to do that), and I will sew on a big button soon. I'll post a picture of the ghastly end product when I get it done. :)


Looney said...

Looks like an electrical outlet in the middle of that scarf!

Delirious said...

That's the engineer coming out in you Looney. ;) Did I mention that it is a tiny electric blanket? (just kidding.) lol