Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wallet Woes

So my husband has lost his wallet. We have searched high and low, and just can't find it. He lost it sometime Sunday, so we know he didn't lose it at a store. He remembers having it at church. He thinks he had it at choir. After choir he came home for a few minutes, then left to go visit two families. Neither of them have found it at their house. I've looked in every obvious place, and even many non-obvious, and still haven't found it. I called him at work today and told him I thought it was time to call and have his credit cards put on hold. I have been watching our bank account to make sure it isn't being used. The wallet has to be here at home, but we just can't figure out where. We've looked every where we can think of, and then some. Someone suggested we pray. We have done that, and still haven't found it. I'm not sure if we need more faith, or if it is "unfindable". The bad thing is that recently my husband went to visit his young cousin in prison. He had to change his pants because you can't wear blue in the prison. He borrowed pants from the "friends of the inmates" house. He accidentally left his license in the pants pocket. He called back to see if they found it, but they have closed for the season. So he went to DMV and they gave him a new one. Now he is going to have to ask for another!

At one point I wondered if my dog got hold of his wallet and chewed it. I searched the garage and yard for any sign of the credit cards or wallet, but found no trace. I'm convinced she didn't eat it. But can you imagine my husband going to DMV the third time.
HIM: "Um, yes, I need to get a new license."
DMV: "Tell me again what happened to the first one you lost."
HIM: "Well, Um, I left it in prison."
DMV: "Oh really?" (looks sideways at him)"What happened to this one?"
HIM" "Um...well, actually my dog ate it."
DMV: "Yea...sure....like we believe that."

I guess we will keep praying and try to have more faith.


Nene said...

Have you looked at church?
Have you looked in the car?

Have you offered money to your boys to find it? :0)

You could try systematically taking one room at a time and going through every single thing in the room. Get everyone to help you. I know how frustrating it is to lose something. I never did find my Seminary keys when I lost them.

Becky said...

We've lost wallets before, and it isn't a fun thing. Once I left mine on the truck bumper, forgot and drove off. Thankfully, we found it later that day down one of the local cul-de-sacs. Another one was down in the recesses of a black bag - right where it belonged, yet it took us several days of searching to finally find it. Good luck!

And you'll love that the word verification is ocalmiz (oh calm me)!

Inklings said...

I prayed for you to find it too, but I like Nene's suggestion to offer a reward to the boys. That worked for me several times when I lost things. :0)

Amber said...

Kaleb habitually loses his ID and/or wallet, he's gotten probably 4 new drivers licenses in 6 months - honestly they don't ever make any comments about it, he likes it because he can get a new picture and hope it was better than the last LOL