Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wallet Efforts

I decided to just post about this instead of leaving a long comment. So basically we have tried everything that everyone has mentioned. One time when we were in China we lost the kids' social security numbers. After looking everywhere for them, I decided to do like Nene suggested and systematically went through every room of the house. As soon as I searched every inch of it, I would sort of call it "clean", and move on to the next. After searching the entire house, and not finding it, I prayed and saw in my mind where to find it. This time however, I haven't had any answer to prayer about where it is. I tried offering my kids a reward, but frankly, we have searched everywhere already, so I think it would be a futile effort. Last night after we had our family prayer, my husband said, "Hey "S", do you remember when we went to visit the one family that night, I had the Ensign magazine in my back pocket with my wallet. I pulled it out, and maybe my wallet came out with it." He had already called the family and asked them to check for his wallet, and she had asked which chair he sat in. He thinks she checked the wrong chair. He's going to go back there today and see if they can find it. Anyway, thanks for the ideas, but especially thanks for the prayers! :)

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