Monday, July 06, 2009

Two Pictureless Cartoons ;)

Inklings could do these justice I'm sure. :)

1. Sign at gas station in the middle of Nevada:

"Free Chum with car wash"

2. Some Latinos were setting off illegal fireworks near us in the parking lot.
M: "Hey everyone, let's turn our chairs and watch the illegal fireworks."
J: "Which is more illegal, the fireworks or the people?"

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Nene said...

Every 4th of July (except this one) we sit in our backyard in lawn chairs and watch ALL the illegal and legal firework shows. You wouldn't believe how many of them. Since our house sits up on the mesa, we can see the entire city. Stace-ghost and Babs said they sat out and watched them this year. One year there were two big (legal) firework shows that were going off at the same time. They must have bought the exact same firework shows, because here they were going off at the same time - actually near each other in the northern part of the city - it looked like fireworks in stereo!!