Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter Mania

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One of my favorite characters from the Harry Potter movies is Argus Filch. I know he doesn't say much, but I love the way he says it! lol One of my favorite of his lines is when he tells Hagrid to calm down before entering the forbidden forest. He says, "You have to keep your wits about you!" I also love when in the 4th movie he comes running in to the great hall with his legs raising high in the air. :)

My other favorite movie character is Luna Lovegood. I like the movie character better than the book character. This actress really nails who Luna is. I think she is perfect for this role. I saw an interview with her on youtube. They asked her how her character will change in the upcoming movies. She said that Luna will never really change much. I think that was a great answer!


Amber said...

I agree with you, on of my favorites is Luna, I love how she's completely comfortable in her own skin, I think she's cool!

Inklings said...

Dee Ice asked me if it was Willie Nelson playing Filch. :0) Filch is not my favorite, but I do like Luna, and you are right, the actress is great in that part.
When I was standing in line for the midnight release of Book 7 I said, "I have a theory that Dumbledore could be alive, and there is even a web site called dumbledoreisnot dead that thinks so too." TWO people in line looked at me aghast and said, "Dumbledore is dead?" I felt terrible. I said, "Didn't you read book 6?" and they both said they hadn't read any of the books. But seriously, if you are standing in line at midnight to buy a sequel, wouldn't you assume that everyone standing in line with you had read the books????
Alas, the dumbledoreisnotdead web site and I were both wrong. :0s