Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monkey On His Back....Yard

We saw a young friend of ours tonight at a graduation party. He and his wife live in an older section of our city in a house they inherited from a family member. He told us an amazing story that gives me the chills.

He said that not long ago he was working in his back yard and saw what looked like a bag of dog poop laying in the grass. As he picked it up, he noted that it was firm, and appeared to be something wrapped in several layers of plastic. He showed it to his wife, and the more they looked at it, the more they wondered if it was drugs. He has a family member who is a policeman, so he called him and asked his opinion. His brother, not seeing the object, discounted it and told him to chuck it. But he just had this gut feeling that he should call the police and have them check it out.

I think the police expected to see a small bag like the dealers use to bag up their drugs. When the policeman showed up, he took one look at the bag and said, "Holy cow!". He told my friend that what he had was about $10,000 worth of black tar heroine! The policeman thought that maybe someone was being pursued by the police and was hopping fences and lost it in the process.

I don't know if I would be considered a worrier, but this does worry me. First of all, imagine what could have happened if his little children had opened that bag. Just touching it could have exposed them to the drug, and being small in size, who knows what effect it would have on them. Secondly, I worry that now the drug dealers are going to come back to comb the area looking for their drugs.

We jokingly, (maybe just half jokingly) told him that he should put up a big sign that said, "I gave it to the police". We also thought that he should rake his yard really well so they would think he had cleaned his yard and thrown it in the garbage. I mean, really, an average person wouldn't expect a bag of black tar heroine in their back yard, so would just toss it. But the key would be to really make his yard look cleaned up. ;)

The sad thing is that he is a student, and because they inherited this house, they don't have house payments, so can't really afford to move with the current housing market. I can't imagine the stress they must live with wondering if the owners of the drugs will come back. I think I'm going to include them in my prayers.


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

That is indeed a tough development. In India, however, by the next day, whoever dropped the bag would have come to know what had happened. It is just too difficult not to keep such news away from neighbors and the servants.

Amber said...

honestly if they did lose it as they were hopping fences they won't know which house they lost it at, i think they will be fine, the person would probably be too scared to even go back looking and i definitely don't think they would confront them personally.

Max said...

Hey D,

"Secondly, I worry that now the drug dealers are going to come back to comb the area looking for their drugs." - that is my worry too! Can you imagine?

We should all include them in our prayers...cause it must be really stressing to keep wondering when the owners/dealers will show up *nodding*.

May God guard them!


Native Minnow said...

He should've taken it and sold it on the street ;-)