Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cosmic Bowling

My son had his 5th grade end of school party yesterday. They went bowling for their party, and I helped drive the kids. The bowling alley has "Cosmic bowling" which means they turn down the lights and turn on black lights. They have fog machines and flashing lights, and moving graphics projected on the wall. The overall effect is very cool.

There are several aspects to this party for which I was not prepared.
--The smell of 6 prepubescent boys in a van after they have been bowling for 2 1/2 hours.
--The noise from 4, 5th grade classes in one bowling alley.
--The shock that 11 year olds know the lyrics to every song, including ones with bad lyrics. (For example, have you heard the song, "I kissed a girl and I liked it" which is sung by a girl? Other lyrics included telling others to "go to hell", and some about "making love")
Still, the kids really had fun, and the boys I was in charge of were, for the most part, very intent on the bowling, and not the social dancing and singing going on around them. :) My son was allowed to pick which kids would ride in my car. It was very interesting to see the interpersonal dynamics of the group that he chose. There were extroverts and introverts. There were kids almost as big as me, and others as small as a 3rd grader. These boys have so much tolerance for each other's weaknesses, we adults could learn something from them.

These pictures aren't the best, I had my camera on the wrong setting. None of the kids were very good at bowling. Do you think some of it could have to do with form? ;)


Christina Bess said...

Sounds like it was a fun time. I don't like the music that's out that for young kids either but unfortunately I think it's harder to monitor what they hear than what they see on TV.

Amber said...

LOL those pictures look cool - and why is it that boys ARE so smelly? LOL