Saturday, May 09, 2009

Trek Yourself

Well, I don't think this looks anything like me, but this is the result of "trekking" myself. :) Oh, it just occurred to me that it doesn't look like me because it is missing my double chin. lol

You can go to this link to Trek Yourself! :)

Here I am as a Vulcan

Here I am as a Romulan. I think this one actually looks more like me. Maybe I'm a Romulan at heart. ;)

Here I am as a regular officer. Oh to be so young again. ;)


Nene said...

Funny! I'm really liking the Romulon markings, but those Vulcan ears really do it for you. But you'll have to work on your facial expressions - Vulcan's don't smile. They don't have emotions, remember? :0) or maybe :0-

Bunc said...

Oh boy I am so going to try this one.

BTW way D how is your compost doing?

Bunc said...

He he great link D although I am not sure you will be the most appreciative of the use I have put it to.

You might like the swine flu advice one though.

Inklings said...

I don't think they look like you either, but the regular officer one is the closest.

My word verification was Popped. Did I pop your bubble? :0)

Max said...

LOL LOL hey D!

Now, this is funny! Which of your treks do I prefer? The Romulan one: you look good, girl!
However you look good as the officer as well...

LOL...only you, D!