Friday, May 08, 2009

5 Things I Love

So here is my love list. :)

1. The Opera

I'm not someone who can afford to go to the opera, but my father in law has sometimes given us tickets to go to the opera in San Francisco. I LOVE to go to the opera! The one in SF has the English translation up at the top of the stage. I wouldn't consider myself an opera buff...I can't tell you all of the names of the songs, or which opera they are from, or who wrote it, but I sure do enjoy it.

2. The Shakespeare Festival

The only Shakespeare festival I have been to is in Cedar City, Utah. I really like that one though because they have a theatre that is built like the original. Over the years I have seen a number of the plays there. I can't afford to do it often, but it's one of my favorite things to do.

3. IMAX Movies

I LOVE IMAX movies! I have seen many, including, "Special effects", "The Serenghetti", "Hearst Castle", "Niagra Falls", "Zion Canyon"....I know I'm forgetting a couple of them. My stomach usually flops during these because they always have a scene where the camera takes you flying over the grand canyon or something. But I have really enjoyed every one of them I have seen.

4. The Beach

For me, the sound of the waves is the ultimate relaxation. I LOVE going to the beach and just walking along the shore. Here in northern California the water is too cold to swim, but I still like to listen to the sounds and look for shells.

5. Bryce Canyon

I know everyone has their favorite canyon, but Bryce is mine. I grew up visiting it every summer, and it has become a little like home. But frankly, the reason I love it is because I really do think it's the most beautiful.

There you have top 5 most loved things.

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Inklings said...

I must need to get a life...I have never been to the opera, never seen an IMax movie, never been to the Shakespearean festival, and have rarely been to the beach...the last time was when I visited you and your youngest one was a baby who was almost washed out to sea with a big wave, remember?
Oh, yeah, and I never saw a roach when I lived in Texas either. :0)