Monday, April 20, 2009

The Locator

I don't know how many of you have seen the show, "The Locator". The host, Troy Dunn, reunites families that have been separated. I have watched several episodes and have enjoyed seeing families be reunited. He reunites children with birth mothers, or siblings with brothers or sisters they didn't know they had.

As I have watched his show, I have noticed that he puts great emphasis on families. He has 7 children of his own. He often shows them on his show, and sometimes they help him in his searches. His teenage son once asked him about a person he was searching for. When his Dad gave him the name, the young man did a "Myspace" search and found the person immediately! Troy Dunn always focuses on the importance of family. Today I decided to do a search about him, and I found out that he is LDS. I had suspected that, but it was interesting to find out. Also I found out he is a Bishop. I have noticed that when he meets the people, he is very careful to assess their feelings and give them information in small chunks so that he won't overwhelm them.

If you haven't seen the show, grab a box of kleenex. I can't usually get through an episode without tearing up. It doesn't always turn out happy, but it is surprising how many people are willing to open up their hearts and lives to family members they never knew existed. You can watch past episodes by clicking this link, and then clicking on "episodes".


Stace-Ghost said...

I saw this show for the first time the other day and I really enjoyed it. That must be such a rewarding career, being able to bring families back together.

Nene said...

This sounds like a cool show. I can't get it here, but maybe I can watch some episodes through the link.

Max said...

Hey D,

I never heard about this show before; but I can imagine how endearing it must be!

I love families, I can't live without the family concept; and I think that if families were kept together and united there would be less troubles in the world.

I will check out the link, thanks!

Have a great week, D! :D


Christina Bess said...

I cried during a recent episode of Extreme Home Makeover so I'm sure this show would make me weepy... I'll have to check it out, I hadn't heard of it before.

Amber said...

I've seen this advertised but haven't watched it yet, I'm not surprised that people would be willing to meet their family, I think everyone in this world seeks some sort of connection to others

The Locator said...

Hi Delirious! Thanks for the kind words about my show, The Locator. It's hard to get family-friendly shows on the air, so any positive chatter helps us be able to keep reuniting more families. So thanks and keep up the great blog!
Troy Dunn
"The Locator"

Stace-Ghost said...

Wow, the locator actually commented! How cool is that?!