Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad Drivers

I hope you can make sense of this drawing. I wanted to show you the kind of bad drivers that I have to put up with on a daily basis in California. Here is a drawing of me driving my son to school. I am the yellow car with the black star on top. You will notice I am in the right lane, and there is another car next to me in the turn lane. He has a red dot on the top of his car. Okay, so here is what happened. I was sitting at a red light, watching cars turning in front of me in to the school turn around driveway. This surprised me because the school usually puts cones there to block that entrance, forcing people to use other entrances. But for some reason, they let traffic enter through that entrance today. Imagine my road rage when the cars kept filling up the intersection, even though the driveway turnaround was already full! By the time my light changed to green, there were three cars blocking both lanes of traffic that wanted to go straight. The left lane did have a little room enabling them to drive around , but I was stuck.
Now, remember the guy in the turn lane next to me? He pulled in front of me, then pulled in front of the left lane traffic and waved at them to let him in. He went around the traffic jam! Some people think they are above the law, and that laws were only made for other lowlier people . Usually I'm not a road rage kind of girl, but today I was honking and yelling motioning for people to move. Sometimes California traffic just gets to you.


Amber said...

I feel ya, I'm ashamed to admit but I am at my worst potty mouth when I am in the car because of bad drivers! I'm thankful every day that I make it home without getting in an accident!

Inklings said...

I'm glad you told me that was a star on your car, because I thought at first it was a body laying there. :0) But, then again, I have been reading an Alex Cross story.

Looney said...

I usually get my passengers yelling at me due to my patience.

What race did the offending drivers appear to be? Being in a racially mixed family, this is always an opportunity for something non-PC.

Delirious said...

Well, remember, I'm not making any judgements here so I assume I'm still politically correct.

The driver of the offending car appeared to be African American. Either that or a very, very dark caucasion man. ;)

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

You should visit India and see how we drive here. You will stop all complaining.