Sunday, March 01, 2009

Taiwan Memory

Last night while we were at the chinese buffet, I had a flashback to an experience from my mission. This particular restaurant has crab. During the day they have the smaller crab, and at night they have the Alaskan King crab legs. While my husband and I were eating some crab, I picked up one of the claws and showed it to my 10 year old. He asked if he could keep it. Then he proceeded to get two more and wrap them in a napkin to take home. (hmmm....I need to find those before they start smelling. lol)

That brought back a memory of my mission. At the end of my mission I was living in a city called I Lan which is near the coast. Because it is nearer to the coast, they have a lot of fresh seafood. My companion, a Taiwanese girl, especially loved to eat squid, and we ate many dinners at the seafood restaurant. Eating out in Taiwan is really cheap, so I often ate out while I was a missionary. Some of the places serve two vegetable/meat dishes, a bowl of rice, and a bowl of soup that cost me approximately $1.50 U.S. So you can see that it was inexpensive and convenient for missionaries that didn't have time to cook. Some people were squeamish about eating out, worried that they would get sick, but I had very good luck.

One day my companion and I went to the beach. As missionaries, we weren't allowed to swim. (safety rule) But we enjoyed ourselves walking along by the water. My companion found a crab claw and picked it up. She said, "I know just what I'm going to do with this.".

Our congregation was very small. Our first day there, there were only about 9 people in attendance, and 4 of those were missionaries. As we worked visiting inactive members, that rose to a much higher number. But at first it was pretty sparse. There was one man that came and brought his grandson. His grandfather didn't know how to keep him quiet, and there wasn't a teacher for the children's class. My companion began to work with this little boy. She brought the crab claw to church and gave it to him. He played with that the entire church time.

Some days I think that I'm losing some of my memory. But occasionally, something like a crab claw brings some of it back to me.


Nene said...

That's why it's good that you wrote it down. I've decided that from now on whenever my mind remembers something from my past, I'm going to write it down. Then if it's written down, you can compile it into your life history. :0)

Christina Bess said...

I agree with Nene, I was going to say the same thing. I like to think as I get older that I'm not necessarily forgetting things from my past, just filling them with so many more memories that I can't remember them all :)