Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chopsticks and Straws

We went to an all you can eat chinese restaurant last night. My 10 year old grabbed up some of the straws we were given and made them in to one very long straw. He could sit back in his seat and sip his soda without having to lean forward.

The restaurant has busboys that try to make sure they remove your plate when you are finished. In China, this is one of the waiters' most important jobs. A mark of a good waiter is how fast he removes your dirty plates. This waiter didn't disappoint us, and was standing not too far away observing everyone so that he could quickly remove their dishes from the table. While he was standing there, I noticed him watching my son with his two foot straw. He seemed fascinated by it. Judging from his accent, this waiter is from China, and hasn't been in the states too many years. I'm sure this was a sight he had never seen before. He watched him for quite some time.

We were sitting enjoying our food and suddenly I noticed the waiter quietly come to our table and lay a couple more straws down next to my husband and me. When he brought them, I thought that he wanted to make sure my husband and I got a straw, since our son used ours to make his creation. Now I'm wondering if he might have thought my son needed a longer straw!

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JJJ said...

maybe he thought its an american custom to be soo lazy to have a large straw so we needed be bothered with leaning forward?

I wonder if all his customers later that day got 10 straws each, or if he finally just put them all togather for them. Maybe even told his boss they need to buy longer straws.