Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Number 3

My third child is celebrating a birthday on Monday. Here are 16 things about him in honor of his "Sweet 16"

1. He was a beautiful baby, and while we lived in China he drew much attention.
2. When he was little he played peanut league baseball. I loved watching his games! He got a home run twice, and even caught a fly ball. :)
3. When he was about 5, his brother dropped a manhole cover on his finger. It flattened the bone at the tip of his finger, but didn't break it.
4. His greatest sports love has always been soccer, and he played on some soccer teams and did well. He has always been a quick runner.
5. He decided to take up the drums, but found they weren't really his favorite, so switched to guitar. He loves playing the guitar and is always learning new songs.
6. His latest love is skateboarding. We bought him a new skateboard for his birthday. These aren't the Walmart version...they are the serious skateboarder type.
7. He has always stood up for the underdog, and has always had a strong sense of justice.
8. When we lived in China, he had a Chinese babysitter (Aiyi) that took care of him two days a week while I went out shopping. He understood some of her chinese, and also learned some classic chinese hand movements.
9. I remember one day the security guard in the hotel came to my door and looked in at me. The door was open a crack, and we were busy with something. He looked at us all, and asked how we were doing. When I noticed the odd look on his face, then I realized that my son was missing! He had seen him crawling around in the hall and came to see if we were okay with that. (we weren't...I'm not sure how the door got open. lol) (Not to mention that the public floors in China aren't the best place to let a baby crawl.)
10. He has been able to learn to kayak with his Scout troup.
11. He was able to hike the "Lost Coast" trail in California.
12. He is definitely a ladies' man, and girls are always flocking around him.
13. He has a good sense of humor and makes us laugh.
14. He has had the same best friends since 2nd grade.
15. He is always helpful to me when we are out shopping. He will push the cart, sack the groceries, unload the car, all without being asked.
16. He is very loving and demonstrative. He is a great kid!


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Happy Birthday #3! That first picture is such a cool picture! Fun memories. Thanks for sharing!

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

My birthday greetings to your son. What you have done is fantastic and I intend doing the same for my son when his birthday comes along. Thank you.

Amber said...

What a great kid!!! Tell him Happy Birthday - I hope it's a fun one!! :)

Pearl said...

Hi Delirious. Thanks for commenting on my video. I'm glad you liked it. If you double click on the video, it should take you right to its YouTube page where you can find the embed code. Good luck! And thanks for fighting the good fight.


Pearl said...

Ha ha! Or I could just give you the link (duh, Pearl). :0)

Marriage . . . it's that simple.

Nene said...

Happy Birthday! And he IS a great kid!