Monday, March 23, 2009

Adventures in Shopping

I went to Costco with my neighbor today. Maybe I should give her a blogging nickname so that I don't have to type out "neighbor" every time I talk about her. :) Anyway, it was really nice because we didn't have any kids with us and didn't have any pressing errands afterwards, so we were able to take our time instead of rushing through the store.

At one point we stopped to try some food samples. (I think it was a salmon hi-roller sandwich :) I turned around and leaned on my cart as I ate. One of the other women that also tried the sample turned around and gave me a very funny look. Then she sort of walked back and forth for a minute, still looking at me funny. Then I looked down and realized I was leaning on HER cart! lol I apologized and "handed it over" and went to my own cart. She laughed and said, "If you want, you can check out for me." I said, "Can I use your purse too?" ;)

Later today, after I picked up my high schooler, I stopped at Walmart to look at some tomato plants. There was an old lady standing at the patio gate greeting people, and checking their receipts. I was standing near her looking at plants when she started to tell me about her yodeling. She said that she yodels to the little children that come to the store. One day a little boy, who had heard her yodel, came back to the store and said, "Grandma, I can do it now!" He then yodelled for her. I was curious by this time and asked her to let me hear her yodeling. She yodelled for a little while. I asked her where she learned it and she said, "From listening to the radio."

Shopping sure ain't what it used to be.


Christina Bess said...

That's so funny about leaning on that lady's cart. I've done the same thing sort of. I was in Savemart and I wasn't paying much attention and started pushing a cart slowly down the isle as I was looking at the food. This guy, a little creepy looking, kept watching me and smiling. He finally says "are you going to pay for that?" Confused, I looked at my cart and noticed a couple buckets with cleaning supplies. He was a cleaning guy and I was pushing his cart! He said mine was at the end of the isle... oh man was I embarrassed.

Nene said...

You should call your neighbor Ethel. Then you could be Lucy.
:0) - jk

Max said...

Hi D!

LOL LOL LOL oh, that was funny (I am picturing you leaning over the lady's cart convinced that it is yours LOL LOL)!

"Can I use your purse too?" LOL LOL this was a good one...

"Shopping sure ain't what it used to be" - you know?


Amber said...

cute blog!!