Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Word Verification

Has any one else noticed that the word verification has changed in the past several months? It used to be that when I made a comment, I had to type in a conglomeration of letters that were meaningless. Now they have combinations of letters that could actually be a word. For example, today one of my word verifications was "Phings". Maybe for most younger people it isn't a problem, but for us older, blind folks, it helps. :)


Lindsay-Weaver said...

I actually did notice that, but just thought it was coincidental. I like it much better.

JJJ said...

atleast this site just has the letters or numbers, the places with the numbers hidden in the color dots where impossiable for slightly colorblind people like myself.

by the way my word for this was
Snatian! satan snail? snail satan? hmmmm..

Native Minnow said...

I just got one that read "coednork".

Now, I don't know what a coednork would be, but it sounds like something that ought to be in a Girls Gone Wild video.

Inklings said...

I noticed that, too, but my question is, why does anyone have word verification? What does it do? I don't see the point of it. I don't have it on my blog.

(My word verifcation was comici. Probably means I'm a frustrated comedian???)

JJJ said...

word verification started some time ago, when people, would go to random forums to mass post advertisements,or nonsense (strings of curses)

the verifaction process makes it so you cant post in-mass and means less people leaving advertisements and junk. Bascially makes it too time consuming to be fun or useful in either purpose.

Sadly word verifcation and the even worse program DMR, Securom and such used on CD's tend to be more trouble for the people who actually buy it, and leads to more piracy.

Oh and my word this time was Conda! now thats a manly sounding word. C O N D A!