Thursday, February 05, 2009

Double Talk?

In speaking at the "National Prayer breakfast", President Obama said he would establish "faith based initiatives". Then he went on to say, "there is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being,". Very interesting statement from a president who supports abortion.


Christina Bess said...

Yeah it's a little bit "double talk" to say that you support abortion but that no God condones it... unless he's saying that he'll willfully go against God?

JJJ said...

I support abortion , so long as the reasons for it are rape or that the continuing of the pregnacy has a very high probability of killing mother and child from child birth.

Otherwise i cant say i support it, as a way for sexually active teens to get rid of a problem they created themselves.

I also disagree with the idea that its entirely up to the woman to decide she wants one or not, what of the father who is a 50% contributor to the child. Does he not have the right to want to take care of or have that child, with common laws the father doesnt even have to know. yes its the womans body but its still the fathers son/daughter.

ALthough i think Obama is just trying to fence sit, and be friendly to all.

Funny thing i seen in the election is almost all the black voters supported him, most black voters are religious, yet Obamam said he support abortion at the start, does this mean the black population just didnt care about his idea and voted for color over religious idea? did they just not know what his opinions where? I add this comment after hearing about some local black churches being upset about Obama's pro-abortion mentalilty after the fact they voted for him.