Saturday, December 06, 2008

Noteworthy Blog

Nene shared this link with me, and I have been astounded at the great things Beetle Blogger has posted about the fight to preserve marriage and the family. I have shared this link with some people, but wanted to spotlight it here to try to get the word out even more. I think what Beetle Blogger is doing is very important and I hope you will share this link with those you know.

Click HERE to see Beetle Blogger's blog.


JJJ said...

Well the main reason for this, is called economic stability (although not recently)
Its a fairly documented fact that when a countries stable the population tends to settle and in some cased shrink a bit. Where as in poverty countries (or people in general who live in poverty)the population always soars.

This also applies to minorities in most cases since many (not all) minorities are sadly normally at or below the poverty level.

The Reasons for many of the other countries population growth is easily explained by, poverty brings more children, that in turn bring more poverty. So its an ugly catch 42 that only China seemed to address by allowing only 1 child per family and a huge economic growth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Delirious! and the kind words. The issues of marriage and family are so vital to everything we hold dear.