Saturday, December 06, 2008

If You Don't Like Something, Pretend it Doesn't Exist

Some years ago I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Daily Herald in Utah. Someone had written a letter to the editor about his anger that Christians don't accept homosexuality. He said that he felt the Bible should be changed to accept homosexuality. In my response, I said, "Go ahead, change the Bible. But don't call it the Bible. Once you change it, it isn't the Bible anymore. The same goes for marriage." I still feel very strongly about this point today. The Bible has endured many centuries. While it has gone through different translations, it has not, up to now. gone through a change of doctrine. Some of the wording might be slightly different than it was two thousand years ago, and some doctrine might have been lost through edits or translations, but the basic commandments have remained unchanged.

Today I read an article that made me wonder if the writer of that letter to the editor took me up on my suggestion. Not only have the gays decided to come up with their own Bible, but they have even given it a new name. An article from a UK newspaper reports that the gays have made their own version of the Bible that will soon go on the market. They did us the favor of changing the name from "The Holy Bible" to, "The Princess Diana Bible". As you might expect, they didn't only change the name, they also changed most of the doctrine and events. The Holy Bible teaches about the creation of Adam and Eve. The gay bible teaches about the creation of Aida and Eve. The Holy Bible teaches about the creation of animals and then people. The gay bible teaches of the creation of apes who evolved. The Holy Bible records the destruction of Soddom and Gomorrha, wherein homosexuality was practiced. The gay bible teaches that homosexuality is superior.

This reminds me of the children of Israel who, while Moses was up speaking with God on Mount Sinai, began to make idols. I always wondered how they could take some gold or other metal, and fashion an idol, then actually believe that it was a god. If the idol had descended from heaven in a cloud of glory, then I could understand their mistaking it for a god. But when they made it with their own hands, it is akin to my sewing a teddy bear, then believing it was god. So too, the gays have fashioned a work of their own hands. It was not created by God, and goes contrary to God's teachings. Do they really believe it represents God's will?

At the end of the article that I reference above, the man being interviewed asks, " There are 116 versions of the Bible, why is any of them better than ours?" My reply to him would be, "Any version that was inspired of God, and not written by men, and any version that contains the will of God, and not perversions of men, is better than your version."

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Max said...

Hey D!

"Princess Diana Bible"!? *nodding* rubbish!
Why on earth do people want to change the Bible? When are they going to stop being half-wit and understand that there is only one Bible, that besides being a religious book it is a historic document and a guide to a life of success.
Now, the Bible advises people not to practice homosexuality because of three reasons: 1- it is not for procreational purposes (and the main commandment is to multiply ourselves); 2- diseases (we can't deny the amount of bacteriae existent in the entire bowel system up to the rectum); 3- God knew that homosexuals would always be considered different by other humans, and that they would suffer bigotry during all their existence.

Ok, as much as I respect Gays, as the human beings they are, can someone tell me how being a homosexual is superior to anything? First, the use of the word "superior" is quite dangerous, and second how can something that is off the norm be the so-called superior? This doesn't make sense. The whole gay bible concept doesn't make sense. It seems to me that whoever came up with this was angry at the church and decided to challenge it by creating this "intellectual" production - only, I am not sure if the church gives a damn!

About the children of Israel making idols: in every culture, there is some people who prefer to believe in something they can see, because for them it is actually hard to believe in something they can't see, feel or touch due to their incapability to have a true relationship with God. But thank God Israel had Moses; Joshua, Elijah, King David and other prophets and kings who followed God and prevented Him from destroying that nation.

LOL Girl, you do know how to reply to letters....

Great post!