Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Don't See the Connection

I found this article about how the gays are planning a "sit out" from work on Wednesday. They are calling it "Day Without a Gay". This is organized by the supporters of same sex marriage. They want all gays to stay home, assumedly to show how much work they do in the community. But I'm sorry, I don't see the connection between the work they do and same sex marriage. Before the supreme court legalized same sex marriage, we had gay workers in the community. If same sex marriage is upheld as illegal, we will still have gay workers. Is this supposed to highlight how valuable gay workers are? Because if they are valuable, it isn't because of their sexual gender preference. How good they are as workers has nothing to do with whether or not same sex marriage should be legalized. Is this some kind of hint that they might up and leave the State all together? Don't they realize there are many people throughout the country who would be willing to come take their place? Am I missing something? Because I don't get the connection.


JJJ said...

Yeah, most extreme protesters often make statements that contradict what they are trying to do, and while doing so just make themselves sadly look worse.

Sorta like during Nam when the peace-nics started planting bombs in gov buildings as a protest. stopping war by bombing hmm yeah productive.

I suppose its probably one of two things, 1: they are trying to "unite" more gay people for further protests or 2: taking a reach to see how much support they really have the gay community. both of which has nothing to do with prop 8 issue. (so dont feel bad it really doesnt make sense)

Its more then laughable since 90% of the gay people i seen interviewed about this said there was no way they could close their business's or just not work a day so close to the holidays.

Most of what i read from the non hmm lets say fundamentalist gays? (hehe) most really dont care about the marriage thing, its a small fraction of fundamental gays that are pushing the issue. And from past laws in this country you dont need a majority to force your will sadly. ( as you seen in the overturning of the last vote on this matter in CA)

deputymomof6 said...

They stole the idea from the Hispanics that wanted to show what an influence they had on the economy to persuade us not to deport them. It's their stupid way to protest and gain attention.

Looney said...

What bugged me was hearing about the plan from Channel 2 news the day before. By advertising civil disobedience efforts it seems that the news becomes a key participant.