Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Day Without a Gay" Day

Today was the "Day without a gay" day. As I mentioned before, this was the day that the gays were encouraged to stay home from work to heighten gay awareness. Today also happened to be the date of my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. My husband was very stressed about preparing for this event, and considered not going in to work. But we teased him that if he didn't go in to work, everyone would think he stayed home because he was gay. He heard a talk show host talking about how there would probably be men with 104 degree fevers go in to work today and infect everyone simply because they didn't want to stay home on "Day without a gay" day. As it was, my husband wasn't feeling well either. He was talking with his boss and told him he didn't feel well. His boss said he wasn't feeling well either. No one said out loud why they didn't stay home, but I think you and I know the real reason. ;)

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Dee Ice Hole said...

Wouldn't matter to me how sick I was---I would still show up to work.