Monday, December 01, 2008

Following Blogs

So I had this great idea to follow blogs. Instead of manually going to each blog regularly to see if there is anything new, I just included them in my list to follow, and checked from my dashboard. The dashboard shows if anyone from my list has posted anything new. There was only one hitch: I forgot to add some of the blogs! Today I was looking over them and realized I hadn't even added Amber's! The nice part about that was that then I had several posts to read when I finally added her. :) Now I'm wondering who else I have forgotten!

1 comment:

Bunc said...

I have begun to use the blog follow thing also and will add yours as you have been good enough to add mine.

BTW I did a post on children being abused as supposed witches in Nigeria. Its really dreadful stuff. Woudl you be good enough to share this info with others. Keeping some publicity on the issue will help keep pressure on the authorities in Nigeria to do something about it. Thanks.

My post on it was Dreadful abuse of Nigerian child "witches"