Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Concert

Tonight was my 10 year old's winter concert. It was amazing to see the "big guns" cameras that were pulled out for this little concert! There were parents with mega-tele-photo lenses. There were tons of video cameras. I have to admit, I was right there with them snapping away.

I know that this little band may not always be in tune, but that is half the fun of listening. What is amazing is to see how much they have progressed since last year. This is the second year of band for them. They went from playing, "Hot Cross Buns" last year to a medley of Christmas songs this year. All of my kids have taken band in elementary school, but none have continued on in middle school except for my daughter who only played in sixth grade. The teacher they have this year plays with the Oakland symphony, and really does a great job of teaching the children to enjoy playing music. I hope my son will continue to play in the band next year.


Max said...

Hey D!

Oooh, they look so cute! I think it is understandable if they are not tuned yet; but I am sure they will be really soon (practice makes perfect, right?)!


Looney said...

A children's performance with your own out-of-tune kids somehow gives more more satisfaction than a professional one!