Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Amazing Mother

My mother came home from the hospital yesterday after having a mastectomy the day before. She was doing so great, they let her out early. She isn't in much pain, and hasn't needed many pain medications. Her attitude is great, and she is just looking forward to getting back to her normal routine. It will probably take a full month to fully recover, but mentally she is already most of the way there.

But what I should mention is that my mother has always been an incredible person. Here are some of the traits of our "wonder woman":

--She is 83 years old, but looks and acts more like someone much younger.
--She is mentally awake and keeps involved with many challenging projects such as writing family histories.
--My mother has very strong hands for a woman. She could always open any jar, and her firm handshake has surprised many men.
--Even at her age, my mother isn't above climbing a fence if needed, or taking care of livestock.
--She has diabetes, but is so careful about her diet that it isn't a problem for her.
--She is very artistic and has painted many paintings for gifts for us.
--She is an incredible geneologist and has helped in the geneology libraries for much of her life. She also has compiled many histories, including histories of her town and the founders of it.
--When she was young, two German men came through town and taught piano lessons. She only learned a little bit, but was able to teach herself enough to be able to play some of the hymns.
--She is somewhat outspoken (yes, that's where I get it from), but at least you always know where you stand with her.
--She has a low voice like me, and sings tenor in the church choir. :)

I really do attribute her quick recovery to her positive mental attitude. I hope that I can be as strong and healthy at 83 as her.

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