Friday, November 14, 2008

The Death of Democracy

You are about to witness the death of democracy in our country. You are also about to witness how "special interest groups" can control government. Watch what happens with Prop. 8 that passed by a majority this past election. Watch as the left wing radicals try every trick in the book to disqualify the vote of the people. Do you not believe it is happening? Do you doubt what I say? Read this blog by Beetle Blogger.


Looney said...

I not only expect prop 8 to be overturned, but I expect far worse. The Mainline churches and intellectuals will set up a theocracy for their anti-God religion, ostensibly to stop America from becoming a theocracy.

deputymomof6 said...

I love the white powder showing up in Catholic and LDS buildings. Nice.... the gay terrorists.

JJJ said...

Well i am not gay, nor am i religious. But Who ever has done these things to your church, i hope when caught face terrorist charges and not just some simple slap on the wrist.

Chances are it will be turned over, and over until the government just stands a side and declares that joint/union marriage is all the state can and will offer. Wanting to be married under a religion should be taken up with that religion. Of course the state and church marriage should be on equal grounds when it comes to rights given by such a union. other then that i see no reason the government should even be involved in this.