Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat

My sister Nene wrote on her blog about her memories of Halloween. I wasn't as die hard of a trick or treater as my brothers and sisters, or my children, but I do have fond memories.

There was one house down the block from us that was a hacienda style house. It had a court yard that you had to go through to get to the house. It was VERY scary because the court yard was dark, so you had to walk through that dark area to get to the front door. This kept a lot of kids from going there. But because not many came, they were more generous with their candy and would give bigger candy bars.

I was trying to remember the costumes I wore as a kid. One year I was a devil. One year I was a housewife. Another year my mother made a ballerina costume for me. All of my costumes were homemade. In recent years, we had a church halloween party and I decided to wear the "prisoner" costume that my son had worn the year before. I painted a beard on my face. It looked so real, and I looked so manly, I have been depressed ever since. ;)

I remember the year that I decided I was too old to trick or treat. I think I was about 14, and I was embarassed to trick or treat at that age. My daughter says she is going to trick or treat until she is an old lady. She's all of 20 now, but I'm not sure if she still trick or treats up at college. This particular year, I decided that instead of trick or treating, I would dress up as a ghost and scare the children who came by our house. I got a white sheet and put it over me. I got up on the roof of the house, and when little kids came by I would make ghost noises.

Tonight is our church "Trunk or Treat". We all bring our cars and open up the trunks and decorate them. Then we hand out candy from our trunks in the church parking lot. We will have 3 wards participating, so I think I need to buy a lot of candy. They will serve hot dogs too. I am glad they are doing this because we heard it is supposed to rain on Halloween. :( The one nice thing about rain is, we get to keep whatever candy we don't give out. :)

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Amber said...

LOL that sounds like so much fun - i really want to go to mom's wards trunk or treat but it doesn't look like we're going to make it - you'll have to tell us how the haunted house turned out! I'm thinking of dressing up like martha stewart for halloween, if i can find a blonde wig to borrow.