Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Show Me the Money

We have had a problem with our Prop. 8 signs being stolen. One No on 8 lady accused us of stealing theirs, but honestly we believe in free speech and haven't stooped to that level. Yesterday my son was going to the college and saw some demonstrators with yellow "Yes on 8" signs. As he drove by, he noticed that they were yes on 8 signs, but the people had written a big NO over the YES. Then, while driving my son to school today, I saw another Yes on 8 sign that someone had taped a big "NO" sign over.

My question is, what are the "No on 8" people doing with all of their money? I heard that they have actually spent more money than us on their campaign, but the grass roots people don't seem to have access to any of their signs. Every one of them I have seen have been holding homemade signs, or "Yes on 8" signs that they had altered.

I'm tired of our side putting up hundreds of signs around the community, only to have them stolen over night. I heard that yesterday a man in Sacramento was arrested with 50 of our signs he had stolen. A sign was stolen out of my yard, so I actually put one on top of my roof. If they are brazen enough to come up on my roof to steal it, let them come. It would give me even more reason to have them arrested.

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Looney said...

I think it reflects on the mentality of the 'no on 8' folk.