Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go

My neighbor volunteered to be in charge of the Fall Fest Haunted House this year. She is a very detail oriented person, and has some great ideas planned. I think it will turn out really cool.

You have to understand that the haunted houses in the past were, in my opinion really lame. They basically had some tarps for walls, and had middle school aged kids dressed up walking around inside scaring people. That was pretty much the extent of it. This year, my neighbor has much more planned. She has it divided up in to several different "rooms".

Area 1: She will have a ghoulish banquet where the actors can sit down and enjoy some brain (made with a jello mold).

Area 2. Another place has real witches standing around a cauldron cooking. (she has a fog machine to use for inside the cauldron, and electric "flame" lights underneath.).

Area 3. This is the Mad Scientist laboratory where kids will also be allowed to touch different things such as eyeballs (peeled grapes) brains, (cooked spaghetti) etc.

Area 4. This will be the spider room. She has made a life sized dummy that is completely cocooned in spider webs that will hang from the ceiling. She has also made spider egg sacks that will hang from the ceiling. She will have a person lying on the floor wrapped in spider webs struggling to get out.

Area 5. Another neighbor found long snake like thing that the farmers use to help with soil erosion. This will be made in to a giant snake that will be lying in the grass.

Area 5. Cemetary....gravestones with live ghouls walking amidst them.

Area 6. I can't remember what the main theme of this is, but she has made a two way mirror that a person can stand behind and if you look in the mirror, you see their ghoulish face instead of your own.

I think this is going to be a GREAT haunted house!


Becky said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great time helping!

Amber said...

that sounds awesome!! I think she should make a giant spider out of paper maiche to go with the spider room!

Delirious said...

She bought some of those huge fuzzy spiders for the room. :)

Max said...

Hey D!

This sounds like a whole lot of fun!! I love the areas themes, and I must say that your neighbour is quite creative!

Thanks for sharing this with us :D!


Nene said...

My next door neighbors in Texas were really big on Halloween and gave a neighborhood Halloween party every year. They had their whole family involved and always did a better job than any other Halloween party I've ever been to. Their costumes were really realistic and looked like movie costumes. The uncle was a vampire, the grandma was a fortune teller and told the kids fortunes. They had every room in their house decorated - even the bathroom had the bathtub filled with "blood" and a blow-up skeleton in the bathtub with one bloody hand on the shower curtain (which also had blood on it) Their backyard was like a big carnival with games and fishing booth, etc. The front yard with tombstones and coffins. They had tons and tons of food, prizes and candy.

deputymomof6 said...

Sounds awesome. I wish I had that much ambition!!