Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Like Sarah Palin and Obama

Recently, I received a comment asking why I like Sarah Palin. I decided to make a separate post to address this question. In all honesty, I don't love Sarah Palin or McCain. They are, in my mind, the lesser of two evils, but not my first choice for the presidency. When I first heard that Sarah Palin was chosen as running mate, I was very disappointed because I didn't think she was the best qualified. I still believe that. I think Mitt Romney was much more qualified to fill either the role of president or vice president. But here is what I like about Sarah Palin. Choosing her as running mate was a deliberate political move to win over the "born again" vote, and women's votes. Mitt Romney was a hazard to the "born again" vote because many born agains erroneously believe that Mormons aren't Christian. Sarah Palin, being herself of this religious persuasion, fills their expectations. Then we have all of the Hillary supporters who were so rabid to get a woman in the whitehouse. While many of them won't switch political party just to vote for a woman, still there are those who will vote republican just for this very reason.

What do I like about Obama? He isn't Hillary. What do I like about Sarah Palin? She isn't Hillary. I had enough of the "Clinton reign of terror" to last me a lifetime.


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Native Minnow said...

But that's just it, her political aspirations are no different than Hillary's. She's every bit as power hungry. The difference is, she doesn't strike me as being as intelligent. (If you saw the interview with Charlie Gibson - the one where she couldn't answer some of his questions - you know what I'm talking about. She was woefully unprepared.) That's why I don't understand the love she gets from Republicans who hate Hillary so much. That said, I'm not a Hillary fan either, and I'm really happy that Obama didn't choose her as a running mate.

Max said...

LOL LOL LOL hello D!

I sure loved your final words: they are funny! LOL

Anyway, I also thought that Mitt Romney was a better choice for running-mate (at least he is experienced in business, which could help a lot in straightening the economy). I must say that I do not like Governor Sarah Palin (not her persona, since I don't know her in person; but her political image) because she is full of loopholes; there are a lot of ambiguities in her speech; she doesn't understand a thing about national security, foreign policy, and if the media pushes the right button they will find out that she is not all that with energy either.
The only thing that I sympathise with is the fact that she is pro-life; other than that...nope.

About women voting for McCain/Palin just because of Palin being a woman: they must lack in intelligence and in intellectuality. One doesn't vote according to the gender of the candidate, but according to the candidate's political program.

Fantastic post!!!